Who the hell is this guy?

Hello! Welcome!

I’m Hongyi Zhang (Chinese: 张宏毅), casually known as Tori.

I’m a masters student in Computational Data Science at Carnegie Mellon. I received B.S. from Peking University, majoring in data science and psychology. I’m interested in how humans work, and how we can simulate them in a computational manner. And thus, my interests span across various domains from mathematical logic, theoretical computer science, and machine learning, to neuroscience, cognitive psychology and linguistics. I often keep notes or do philosophical thinkings on these topics, and part of them are written as posts that you can find on this website!

I love languages. I speak Mandarin and English. I also speak elementary Japanese, Spanish and Taizhou dialect (a branch of Wu Chinese). I also like riddles. I have a riddle series developed mostly by myself [link to be added].